Yard Boss launched in 2022, but the Flaska family’s origins with terminal tractors date back to 2017 when we first designed and manufactured a T-Series model while operating as Hoist Liftruck. Originally founded in 1994 by Marty Flaska, Hoist Liftruck had a long history of manufacturing high-quality American-made forklifts and material handling equipment. Alongside his brother, Mike, his nephew, Jason, and Marty’s three sons, the Flaska family set a new standard of product in the forklift and material handling industries. 


     In 2019, the Flaska’s decided to sell Hoist Liftruck to Toyota North America, but retained the rights to manufacture and sell the terminal tractor product line. Sticking to our roots of taking no shortcuts, we spent over a year gathering feedback from our customers and redesigned this truck to be the perfect terminal tractor for our customers. 


     These trucks are manufactured just outside of Chicago at our 165,000 sq. ft. factory in Bedford Park, alongside our engineering and production teams who have over 25 years of manufacturing expertise. Whether it’s a cargo yard, intermodal hub, port, or warehouse, the T-Series Yard Boss is battle-tested for any and every job.

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